Solve Reel Crime on your netbook to win reel cash

Reel Crime is a special kind of online casino game available at most casinos listed at this website. It is something called an i-Slot, a series of games exclusive to casinos powered by Rival Gaming software. These i-Slots are the only fully interactive slot games on the net. At its base, it is a beautifully-designed 5 reel video slot, with amazingly crisp graphics and subtle animations to give it a bit of flair.

But the game moves beyond the traditional game model by incorporating an engaging storyline into the actual gameplay. The story takes place in the 1950s, and follows a gang of crooks as they rob a bank. Reel Crime is filled with video cut scenes, bonus rounds, and other features to make for extremely engaging gameplay.

As you play Reel Crime, you will be given various objectives to achieve. Each one is set up like a chapter in a story. The game’s introduction details each stage, and offers a “game map” to help you plan, and to follow your progress as you move though the story.

After you pass an objective, you move on to a bonus round, and then a new set up of objectives will be given to you. Ultimately, your goal is to break into a bank and steal the cash – it’s a very appropriate story, since this game involves winning real money!

The game works beautifully on a netbook. It is important to set your browser to “full screen” mode to make the game fit properly. The controls are simple, and the whole game plays very smooth.

Reel Crime, and its sequel Reel Crime II: Art Heist, can be enjoyed for fun or for real money at RockBet Casino. RockBet sports a library of more than 60 no-download games to enjoy on your netbook. A $2500 multi-deposit welcome bonus helps players get started. Remember, their games can be played for free, so sign up with RockBet and check out Reel Crime today.

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